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All Types of Neuro & Spine Trauma Management Facility

All Types of Neuro and Spine Trauma Management Facility Near You

Neuro and spine trauma center is a special unit where people can seek proper treatment in the cases of head and spine injuries. It works 24/7 to ensure appropriate treatment for mild and severe neuro and spinal trauma cases. The constant presence of neurosurgeons, neurologists, physicians, orthopedics, and sufficient numbers of nursing staff and technicians are ready to provide the utmost care at every moment to ensure the patient’s total recovery in thisunit. All types of neuro and spine trauma management facility is offered by this unit to ensure your complete recovery in the best way possible.

Conditions that may need neurosurgical trauma care

Not all spinal or neuro problems required the exceptional care offered by a neuro and spine trauma management facility. When a person,or someone related to him/her is aware of the conditions that may need special services from a neuro and spine trauma unit, they can seek help from the facility directly. Such conditions may include:

  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Severe Concussion
  • Epidural Hematoma
  • Basilar Skull Fracture
  • Intraparenchymal Hemorrhage
  • Spinal Fracture
  • Skull Fracture, and
  • Traumatic Nerve Injury.

These conditions can be recognized and appropriately treated with all types of neuro and spine trauma management facilities. When you are unsure about the severity of a spinal or brain accident, it is always good to seek treatment from the facility. If the condition is not needed to be treated in thetrauma management facility, the patient can be shifted from there to a lower level care department for the required treatment.

Providing highly efficient care

Highly efficient care is the specialty of our neuro and spine trauma care center, which has high survival rates compared to other hospitals around the state. Our efficient neurosurgeons are always prepared for any emergency craniotomies and spinal surgeries with a brilliant system of functioning in our all types of neuro and spine trauma management facility.

Our neuro intensive care unit is only for the care of critical patients to speed up their recovery. The spine unit is dedicated to the care for patients with acute spinal injuries or recovering from serious spinal surgeries. Optimally updated techniques are used in each operation, and our surgeons are always keen to include all the cutting-edge research findings to translate into their surgical and treatment procedures. When a patient comes to our trauma care facility, he/she is treated by an efficient team of experts who are up to date with all the advanced developments and trends in the field.

Programs for traumatic brain injury

Our traumatic brain injury program is highly extensive and efficient. Fast intervening afterward an injury to provide highly intensive care for patients, especially for the ones who suffered mild, moderate, or severe TBI, is our specialty, to improve the quality of life of our patients. Neuro Intensive Care Unit, Trauma Intensive Care Unit, Neuromonitoring, Complex Cranial Neurosurgery, and TBI Rehabilitation are some of our special care programs.

Programs for spinal cord injury

Our programs for spinal cord injury include the providing of collaborative treatment as well as research for patients to provide optimal care. Out care programs for spinal cord injuries consist of Complex Spine Surgery, Trauma Intensive Care Unit, Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation, Neuromonitoring, Neuro-specializednursing Staff, and many more.

Patients with all kinds of spinal cord injuries, stroke, and other kinds of neuromuscular damages are specially cared for in this all types of neuro and spine trauma management facility. We help them to regain the ability of movement, and functions they lost due to the injury. Exceptional help is given to patients to move their limbs, control organs such as bowel or bladder, and help all the patients to exercise in the right amount according to their capacity, to regain the strength and circulation. In exceptional cases, FES devices are implanted to replace the lost functions of body parts.

Rehabilitation is also part of the service we offered. We treat many most complex rehabilitation patients in our trauma management unit. Patients with any neuro or spinal injuries are received and admitted by a quick process. Utmost care is given to them till they are recovered fully or able to regain essential body functions.