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Epilepsy ICU with video monitoring

Best Epilepsy ICU Video Monitoring Unit Near You

Epilepsy is a disease that needs proper assessment and monitoring. If you or anyone from your family requires the care and treatment from an ICU video monitoring unit, Professionals of one of the best Epilepsy ICU Video Monitoring Unit have something to share for your information.

Evaluation process

Epilepsy or seizures, and other seizure type illnesses can be challenging to treat. Each person’s seizures are different, and the most exceptional treatment available to cure it consists of medicines, surgical methods, stimulative techniques, or diets.

The identification of the correct treatment plan for a patient begins with a keen assessment and diagnosis. Computer-based monitoring facilities are utilizing in EMU for evaluating the disorders of seizures at the time of its occurrence and on the process of recovery. This approach can give answers about the patients’ behavior during an epilepsy attack and guide doctors towards the identification of the seizures and other hints that can decide the course of the treatment.

A team with multi-disciplinary experts

Experts from multi-disciplinary fields are part of the epilepsy ICU video monitoring unit. The members of the team include neurologists, neurosurgeons, and specialist nurses. Clinical technologists, EMU technologists, residents, psychologists, psychiatrists, case managers, etc. are part of the team to give flawless monitoring and evaluation. The planning and the coordination of the care of the patient are mainly the responsibility of the primary nurse of the EMU and EMU operations manager. EMU technologists and other responsible staff will supervise the functioning of the unit and offer assistance whenever needed.

Patient’s preparations for EMU stay

When a patient needs to spend in the epilepsy ICU video monitoring unit, it is okay to know how to prepare and what to expect during the stay.

You may need to come to meet a neurologist for outpatient consultation or need to referred by your doctor. The duration of your stay in the EMU depends on your test results, frequency of the seizures, and other related facts. The average duration required in an epilepsy ICU video monitoring unit for a patient is between three to seven days. After leaving the EMU, you may need to remain in the hospital for one or two days to decide further about future treatment.

During your stay in the EMU, doctors may advise you to reduce your usual medication to monitor the occurrence of the seizures and its features. You will be safe in the unit and no need for any worries regarding the worsening of your condition.

For your stay, you can bring your sleep mask, regular medicines, suitable clothes for the stay, and other personal care items. Once you check-in at the hospital, you may need to spend some time around the admitting department to get everything ready for you. After the admission procedures, the staff will take you to the epilepsy ICU video monitoring unit. It will have enough facilities, and the team will guide you throughout the stay.

In the unit, you will be recorded on video by means of a computerized video monitoring machine that will be connected to your scalp during your stay in the unit to record your movements along with your speech and brain waves. Whenever you have an issue or feeling the arrival of a seizure, you can press the button near to your bed to alert the staff.

If you have a bystander, they can stay in the room with you. They also can alert the staff about the beginning of a seizure. If the patient is a child, a parent should stay with the child to keep him/her calm and be comfortable in the unit. Visiting hours and the number of visitors is usually depended upon the condition of the patient and the policies of the unit.

Epilepsy is not a disease one can manage easily. Careful monitoring of epilepsy is crucial for determining its causes, prognosis, and medication. A few days’ stays in the epilepsy ICU video monitoring unit is the most appropriate way to attain it. So, if you or anyone from your family or friends have epilepsy, encourage them to visit the nearby ECU to receive a proper diagnosis and decide a suitable course of treatment to lead a comfortable and safe life in the future.