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New & Modular OTs.

New and Modular OT with State-of-the-Art Facilities

Operation theatre is one of the most important areas in a hospital that demands cutting edge facilities with matching safety measures, impeccable lighting, sound proofing, and other similar features. All of its instruments should be highly functional and perfectly clean. Modern technological developments offered Modular OT and it holds a superior position in OT design in the healthcare sector all over the world. New and modular OT is one of the best features in our healthcare system that aims for providing impeccable services and utmost care.

What is Modular OT?

Modular OT or modular operation theatre is a specially designed operation theater with all the available technological advancements. The cleanliness in an OT should be optimal and all the instruments and furniture ought to be maintained at regular intervals. Modular operating theatre equipment is designed, keeping all these aspects in check. The slanted panels and wall of the Modular OT along with its specially designed ceiling are most effective in ensuring this quality.

Human engineering is one of the best features of our new and modular OT, that ensures the best working condition for the doctors and nurses. To provide a workable and spacious environment in the OT to provide maximum results of the work doing by the medical professional to protect and revitalize human life. The modular operating theatre is also equipped with all the required electrical equipment as well as medical gas system along with the required gears for proper lighting in the room and other needed facilities.

Advanced features of modular OT

The advanced and most desirable features of a modular operation theatre is listed below.

  • Steady flow of pure air that is fully free of bacteria or other germs to prevent any kind of infection. For ensuring this lean environment in the operation theatre, the air is circulated in a minus degree pressure into the field of working to remove all air pollutants accumulated during the surgery.
  • The paint used in a modular theater is anti-bacterial which offers a minimum of fifteen years of durability.
  • Modular operation theaters are fitted with steam cleaning, as well as a lector cleaning facility, to ensure the maximum safety and fine quality in the cleaning of the OT.
  • The modular operation theatre is ideal in all respects and all the modern hospitals prefer it, including us hospital to provide optimal service to the patients.
  • Features of vapor permeability is used in the modular operation theatre. It is helpful to ensure the removal of substrate moisture and to prevent the growth of mold, yeast, bacteria, etc. in the room.
  • New modular OT is also fitted with features that can resist moisture as well as thaw.

Modular OT is the proud feature of many modern hospitals. With it, the hospital can take more cases that need operation. Since the time for cleaning and getting ready for the next operation is comparatively less, this is the most desirable feature coveted by a health care facility. It is always the best guarantee for one’s life to provide optimal safety and efficiency in each and every operation.